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Why the Name “Maver”?

The Firm chose its name, Maver Capital, as we believe it is a privilege to manage capital for investors and a responsibility to help with the growth of our invested portfolio companies. “Maver” is a term with Scottish origins meaning ‘a steward’. It is also the short form for ‘maverick’, with references to an independent mind, uniqueness and ‘thinking out of the box’. At Maver Capital, we are stewards for our investors’ capital leveraging our team’s investment approach and operational experience. We are focused on seeking attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

For its early-stage investments, Maver Capital seeks to deliver value and growth to its portfolio companies by leveraging the team‘s expertise as well as its deep network of industry advisors to:

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Provide strategic guidance to navigate challenges and identify growth opportunities
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Facilitate partnerships needed to accelerate revenue and earnings growth
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Access the financial and capital markets to fuel its growth
The combination of our network of successful entrepreneurs, business operators, and family organizations will serve as valuable resources for our investee companies and investment partners.
Our objective is to develop active, value-added, and long term mutually beneficial relationships with the company management teams and investors to deliver accelerated, sustainable, and scalable business growth.
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